Tim Gifford Border Collies are ABCA registered. They are specifically bred and trained to be working stockdogs on the farm or ranch first, and in competition second. While the Border Collies at Tim Gifford Ranch get a lot of the attention, Tim himself is quickly becoming a favorite instructor at stockdog clinics, among participants and spectators alike.

Tim has been training and competing with his dogs in stockdog trials since 2002.

(When they aren’t at home working on the ranch doing what Border Collies are meant to do, that is.)

Tim & Cyd Oregon Trail Days 1960

Oregon Trail Days 1960

Have a Great Summer!

Photo: Tim & Cyd


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Congratulations to Tim & Jean for winning OBSDA Dog of the Year in Open.


Congratulations to Tanya and PR Kal for winning OBSDA Dog of the Year in Nursery.