Photo Credit: XP Ranch Photography

Photo Credit: XP Ranch Photography

TG Border Collies are registered with the American Border Collie Association, a working stockdog registry. These dogs are bred specifically to be herding/working dogs to aide in humane cattle handling. They are high energy dogs requiring a suitable outlet that meets their intelligence and energy levels.

ABCA Pedigree Key: @ Hips-Veterinary Radiologist Approved (OFA or Canadian Equivelent) ; ## G.B. International Champion ; # G.B. National Champion ; * USBCHA Finals Champion;  ` CEA Normal.

The AKC does currently allow ABCA registered dogs to subsequently register with them through their open registry. However, please be aware that as of January 1, 2004, any dog named a Conformation Champion through any registry will have it’s ABCA Registration rescinded and it’s offspring will not be eligible for registration with the ABCA.

Puppies/dogs may be sold with breeding or non-breeding papers at the sole discretion of the breeder, per ABCA bylaws.