Sunday February 16, 2014

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Interview with Tim Gifford

Cattlemen’s Classic highlights irreplaceable ranch relationships


By Shelby Fenster

Created: Sun, 16 Feb 2014 06:31:00 CST

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As Nebraska’s biggest industry, we all depend on the state’s cattle ranchers.  But who do they depend on?

The 23rd annual Cattlemen’s Classic kicked off this weekend with full attention on every cattle rancher’s right hand man.

“Nothing better than a good man with a good horse with a good dog,” said Tim Gifford, Vice President of the National Cattledog Association.

Which is exactly why the kick off weekend of Nebraska’s Cattlemen Classic featured more working dog and ranch horse events than ever before.

“For me, if I had to go without my dog, I’d quit ranching,” said Gifford. 

“They’re invaluable. When the snow is ten foot deep, you can still go out on a horse and make stuff work,” said Raelyn Gilmore, a rider for Hanging H Ranch.

Not only can working dogs help Harrisburg Rancher Tim Gifford herd as many as 300 head of cattle on his own, but in tight spaces, they also keep him out of danger.

“Move it around in the corral and put it in the trailer and I don’t have to get in there and put my life at risk,” he said.

And whether a rancher is working with a dog, horse or both, the irreplaceable animals are far better at understanding the cattle.

“They handle stock so much better than 75 percent of the ranchers that have been doing it all their life,” said Gifford.

But with more and more ranchers turning to technology, they’re fighting to keep the practice alive.

“It’s kind of getting to be a thing of the past which is sad. People have moved on to ATVs and that, but you can’t replace a good ranch horse,” said Gilmore.

And that’s not the only fight picking up steam at the Cattlemen’s Classic.  This week when the cattle move in, ranchers will turn their attention to rebuilding those herds.

“Everybody’s having a hard time trying to find heifers to replace their herd… This is one location they can come out because other cattlemen have brought a great set of heifers here that can be taken back to help build their herds,” said Ronette Heinrich, General Manager of the Cattlemen’s Classic.

There’s still plenty ahead for the Cattlemen’s Classic. This year the event runs two weekends long, wrapping up the 23rd. 

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