Tim Gifford

Born near the Nebraska/Wyoming border,  at the foot of the Wildcat Hills, Tim Gifford has been working cattle all of his life. But eleven years ago something remarkable happened. Tim started working with a Border Collie, and life on the ranch would never be the same. These intelligent, easily trainable dogs quickly found themselves a stout supporter of their prowess around cattle, and became as important to the ranch as the human workers.

With eleven years of competitions behind him, Tim Gifford is becoming a name to know in the Cattledog world. Not only are his dogs winning competitions, but he is developing a following of individuals eager to learn his training methods. Although to hear Tim tell it, all you have to do is explain what you want, and the Border Collies just do it.

Being a father and grandfather, Tim has not forgotten his own roots. He currently has a group of 4-H members that he is working with. Tim is helping them train their Border Collies.  It is Tim’s way to further promote the Border Collie as a Cattledog through the youth on neighboring farms and ranches.

Tim is a  member of the American Border Collie Association; One of the founding members of the National Cattledog Association, and currently their Vice President; And a lifetime member of the United States Border Collie Handler’s Association.